Welcome to the Diversity & Inclusion Teaching Resource Website

This page provides law faculty with teaching resources relating to diversity and inclusion.  Suffolk University Law School is committed to providing a supportive learning environment that celebrates the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the student body.  Faculty are encouraged to incorporate issues of diversity and inclusion more deliberately in their teaching, recognizing that Suffolk Law School graduates should be educated, conversant, and competent on these topics, given the diverse future clients they will likely serve.  This resource provides both discrete teaching lessons and examples, as well as broader scholarship and background materials.  Faculty are encouraged to contribute materials, and should contact us if they wish to do so.

Law Course Materials

Gain access to both first year courses and upper level electives.

Diversity in Legal Education

These articles focus on the topic of diversity in legal education more broadly, expanding beyond the confines of pedagogy and including themes such as the presence of diversity among faculty at law schools, privilege and its role in law school admissions, and the debate surrounding economic and racial diversity in legal education.

Law Classroom Teaching Pedagogy

These materials, unlike the less theoretical “Course Materials” portion of the collection, focus on pedagogical theories around incorporating diversity into the legal curriculum. While not a comprehensive literature review, these selected items should give the reader a solid introduction to the topic (for example, tips on how to navigate difficult conversations in the classroom).

Diversity in Higher Education

The Suffolk student body is exceptionally diverse, and as an instructor, you have the opportunity to create a positive, productive learning environment that leverages your students’ differences.